Hello world!

Well I decided to something with this domain.  That something for now is join the masses with a WordPress blog.  I was going to try a different platform but for now it just wasn’t worth hassle.  In the long wrong I hope to use something new and exciting.

So current plans are to try and get back into web design/dev a bit my free time.  How that will go I have no idea.  I’ll try to do tutorials and stuff to reiterate what I learn.  Any themes I’ll make will be freely available(in standard html/css for sure and if I make them usable for cms I’ll release them in that format as well).  For awhile I’ll probably stay on the default theme.  By that I mean until I make a custom one I’m satisfied with.

I think that’s all for now.  Will try to make some regularly interesting posts to fill the time and keep my focused.